Steve and Kaye McKaskle showed up at my door one day in 2012 with a ziplock bag of popcorn and asked me to design a package.  We discussed the product and marketing plan. We wanted the brand to reflect Steve and Kaye's farm and home-centered personality. They are very serious about the earth they farm and they are also very light and fun. I designed the packages to reflect both aspects. I designed their product logo to be dynamic and assertive. Braggadocio is the name of the town where they live.


As of 2019, they have eleven products and a grain mill.  The McKaskles are selling everywhere from Whole Foods to mom and pop's grocers.

Braggadocio Snack Bag
First Product
Brown Basmati Rice
Popcorn Cornmeal
Braggadocio Popcorn Sales Sheet
Braggadocio Cornmeal Sales Sheet
Braggadocio Rices Sales Sheet
Braggadocio SS Flours _Page_1
Texas Best Rice Sales Sheet